Many Ways To Fuse

Fusing reinforces fabric to give your garment body and structure.

Robocuts offers a broad range of fusing options with our wide format Kannegiesser and state of the art Reliant fusing machines. We can piece fuse, block fuse and even roll fuse fabric up to 63″ wide.

Our partnerships with top quality interlining suppliers allow us to recommend and supply the ideal fusible suited to your fabric. We do bonding and shrinkage tests by adjusting temperature and varying pressure application for the best results. With this much attention to detail and this many options, all of your firm’s fusing needs are met under one roof.


All your fusing needs under one roof.


Block Fusing

We can apply interfacing onto panels before the pattern pieces are cut out of the fabric.

Piece Fusing

We can fuse various essential elements of your garment including facings, lapels, colars, sleeves, pockets and much more.

Roll Fusing

We fuse complete rolls that are up to 63 inches wide and prep them for cutting.